About Asphalt Life®

Two guys standing near a car

Asphalt Life® is a blog dedicated to all aspects of the roofing lifestyle. From workday business issues to weekend activities, industry updates to home and hobbies, Asphalt Life® addresses the topics that roofers and their customers care about.

It's about sharing and commenting, about work and a little fun. It's all about the Asphalt Life®

  • The Life: Life is more than work . . . a look at the roofer lifestyle off the roof.
  • Industry Updates: If it affects the roofing industry or your business, you’ll find it here.
  • Project Profiles: Interesting installs, philanthropic projects and more.
  • At Home: Shareable information homeowners can use on a daily basis.
  • Atlas Now: See what’s new on Atlas social media. Share, retweet and pin great articles and ideas.
  • On the Road: Atlas events provide education and training for roofers and distributors. Find out when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

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