About Asphalt Life

Two guys standing near a car

Asphalt Life is a blog dedicated to all aspects of the roofing lifestyle. From workday business issues to weekend activities, industry updates to home and hobbies, Asphalt Life addresses the topics that roofers and their customers care about.

It's about sharing and commenting, about work and a little fun. It's all about the Asphalt Life.

  • The Life: Life is more than work . . . a look at the roofer lifestyle off the roof.
  • Industry Updates: If it affects the roofing industry or your business, you’ll find it here.
  • Project Profiles: Interesting installs, philanthropic projects and more.
  • At Home: Shareable information homeowners can use on a daily basis.
  • Atlas Now: See what’s new on Atlas social media. Share, retweet and pin great articles and ideas.
  • On the Road: Atlas events provide education and training for roofers and distributors. Find out when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

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