Atlas Insider: Family Edition

Featuring Sherry Holmes

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We’re wrapping up 2022 with a special family edition of the Atlas Insider featuring Sherry Holmes, professional contractor and TV host, and daughter of Mike Holmes.

Sherry (joined by her sweet kitty, Loki) explains how “weird” it was growing up with a famous dad, shares some of her favorite memories working in the construction industry, describes the evolution of her relationship with her brother, Mike Holmes Jr., and tells us about their other sibling, Amanda, who pursued a career outside the spotlight.

She also details how, as a woman, she didn’t think working in the trades was an option, and that she likely wouldn’t be in the field had it not been for the encouragement she received from her dad (in every aspect of her life).

As a mother to two young daughters, life as a working mom is “a bit of a mess,” but she credits her career with making her a more open-minded parent.

She says taking time for herself, especially her morning workouts — which help to put her in a good mood and prepare her for the day — is a key factor in creating a good work-life balance.

And that’s certainly something she’s going to need in 2023, with several projects and some much-needed vacation time already on her calendar.

For our entire interview with Sherry Holmes, watch the video above.

Happy New Year, Asphalt Lifers!