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Atlas Partners With Habitat For Humanity To Roof Homes

Christine Van Dyk, Writer
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Atlas Roofing is proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity organizations across the country to provide roofing materials for those in need. These are a few highlights of those projects...

Lauderdale County Habitat For Humanity

Chlorese Jordan wanted a safe and decent home where she could raise her two children. Her 9-year-old daughter Kezzia is in third grade and enjoys bike riding. Zaydeyon, age 5, loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is in kindergarten.

Atlas donated materials to roof their newly rehabbed home.

The Jordan FamilyLauderdale County Habitat for Humanity

Lauderdale County Habitat For Humanity

The first time the Jackson family saw the building site was last fall during the site blessing. At that point, they were in the process of becoming Habitat homebuyers. After the site dedication, 8-year-old Justin was running around playing and meeting families from the neighborhood. As they were leaving, the Habitat representative went over to tell them goodbye and asked Justin if he would like that site for his new home. He looked her straight in the eyes and asked, “What school district would the house be in?” Knowing it could be West Hills or Poplar Springs, she asked him which school district he wanted to be in, and he told her West Hills because he had friends there. The representative looked into the school zone and found that Justin would be attending West Hills.

Atlas donated the roofing materials for the Jacksons' newly built home.

The Jackson FamilyLauderdale County Habitat for Humanity

Pictured: Mickey and Ashley Jackson with their 14-year-old daughter JaBria and 8-year-old son Justin (Not pictured: 18-year-old daughter Jasmin)

Habitat For Humanity Of Angelina County


  • Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County in Lufkin, TX
  • Terri Cawley, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County
  • Atlas Roofing Customer CARE Pro John McDermott

Materials installed:

Terri Cawley and John McDermottHabitat for Humanity Angelina County Build

Habitat For Humanity Of Camp County, TX

A video on the Facebook page of Habitat for Humanity of Camp County in Pittsburg, TX, showed the rough beginnings of a house. It had a newly shingled roof and 2x4 studs that made up the outlines of rooms and new windows that let the sun flood inside. Beneath the footage was a string of comments, including a very special one from Nicole Guel that reads: “I’m so excited, thankful and grateful."

Guel was more than just an interested volunteer and the project was beyond an act of charity. The house in the video was her soon-to-be home.

Dreams Of Home

The single mom previously lived in a two-bedroom, one-bath rental house that she shared with her three sons. Despite working for the same pharmacy for more than a decade, home ownership always seemed just out of reach.

“She was just the type of homeowner we were looking for,” says Linda Baxter, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Camp County. “She has lived in the county for at least a year, has income coming in and enough credit that it's obvious she understands that you have to pay for what's yours.”

Habitat’s philosophy has always been to provide a “hand up, not a handout.” As part of the homeownership program, Guel and her sons contributed 200 hours of sweat equity instead of a down payment, along with another 200 hours donated by friends, family and members of Guel’s tight-knit church community. Guel’s father was so proud of what his daughter was doing that he scraped together enough money to buy two exterior doors for her new home.

Constructing A Home, Building Lives

“We knew one of the most important things we would need would be roofing materials,” Baxter says. “Mr. McDermott reached out to us and asked how they could help.”

Guel’s new home sports a Pinnacle® Pristine roof from Atlas, thanks to the Atlas CARE program and John McDermott, a customer CARE pro at the Daingerfield, TX, shingle manufacturing plant.

“We have many plant workers in this particular community,” McDermott says. “This project is about neighbor helping neighbor.”

The four-man crew installed 30 squares of Pinnacle Pristine shingles on Guel’s home, along with Summit® 60 underlayment, Pro-Cut® Starter shingles and Pro-Cut® Hip and Ridge shingles to complete the Signature Select® Roofing System.

Pinnacle Pristine architectural shingles feature Scotchgard™ Protector to help resist the ugly black streaks caused by algae, which is common on more than 80 percent of U.S. roofs. With Atlas shingles and Scotchgard Protector, the Guel home will look beautiful for years to come.

Ready For A Welcome Mat

As moving day for Guel and her three boys approached, the anticipation grew.

“Once the slab was poured, and the walls began to take shape and Atlas gave us the roofing materials, it began to look like a house,” Baxter says. “That’s when she really got excited.”

In the meantime, Guel volunteered in the Habitat offices and her younger boys pitched in to clean up the construction debris in the yard to make sure it stayed neat.

“It’s a lesson Nicole wanted the boys to learn: If you work hard, you can make a future for yourself,” Baxter says.

Guel’s home was made possible through the kindness of others and the generosity of strangers. Thanks to the contractors and volunteers — and companies like Atlas Roofing that donated materials — her future has never looked brighter.