Atlas Roofing Launches TruRidge® and HighPoint® Roof Ventilation Products

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Atlas Roofing
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ATLANTA, July 14, 2020 — Atlas Roofing Corporation, one of the nation’s leading building materials manufacturers, is proud to introduce its new TruRidge® and HighPoint® Roof Ventilation intake and exhaust systems. These ventilation products complement the current line of Atlas residential roofing products, which include high-quality asphalt shingles and underlayments. They are the company’s first ventilation products, designed to improve home energy efficiency and maintain optimal roof performance as part of the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System. The addition of the TruRidge® and HighPoint® lines strengthens the company’s position as a market leader in roofing solutions.

Atlas TruRidge® and HighPoint® products help create a balanced attic ventilation environment that allows air to circulate, providing a more comfortable living space and reduced temperature extremes. Proper ventilation helps control heat and humidity, which can contribute to deck rot or mold, shingle buckling, ice dams and premature aging of a roof system. The TruRidge® and HighPoint® systems are manufactured with a proprietary polymer that is formulated to withstand the rigors of severe weather conditions. When properly installed, TruRidge® and HighPoint® exceed U.S. Department of Energy recommendations and all nationally recognized ventilation building codes.

The TruRidge® and HighPoint® launch underscores Atlas’ commitment to meeting contractors’ needs by providing superior building materials and an increased selection of products.

“With the addition of TruRidge® and HighPoint® ventilation systems, Atlas covers a roof, both inside and out,” Paul Casseri, Atlas Roofing’s product manager, explains. “The ventilation systems help regulate attic environments, allowing all Atlas products and components to work at peak efficiency. TruRidge® and HighPoint® ventilation systems also provide roofing contractors and homeowners with the peace of mind that comes with Atlas quality.”

As part of the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, the new ventilation products are backed by a full-system Atlas Warranty, which provides peak coverage for everything from high-wind damage and black streaks caused by algae to manufacturing defects and roofing system failure. As a critical part of this system, these ventilation products complete the Atlas product line, offering consumers a full roofing system that benefits both the homeowner with an extended warranty and the contractor through their achievement of Atlas PRO+™ level qualification.

In developing TruRidge® and HighPoint®, Atlas focused on creating distinctive ventilation systems that fit all building and budgeting needs. Both systems provide an equal balance of air intake and exhaust within a variety of options:

TruRidge® Roof Ventilation

  • TruRidge® Exhaust Vent
    Available in multiple configurations to meet specific requirements, TruRidge® provides a time-tested design with proven performance and a net free area (NFA) of 18.
  • TruRidge® All-Weather Exhaust Vent
    Similar in design and functionality to the line’s standard vent, TruRidge® All-Weather includes a filter to combat wind, snow, dust, rain and insect infiltration, as well as nails. It also provides an NFA of 18.
  • TruRidge® Pro Exhaust Vent
    New to the market and first of its kind, TruRidge® Pro is a 5-foot, gun-nailable, low-profile product that offers the installer the convenience of using a traditional roofing nail gun to speed up installation. TruRidge® Pro accommodates extreme roof pitches while maintaining proper baffle orientation. The product provides an NFA of 12.

HighPoint® Roof Ventilation

  • HighPoint® Performance Ridge Exhaust Vent
    HighPoint® Performance Ridge offers a high-performance, low-profile design and all-weather filter that provides a complete barrier for protection from rain, dust, snow and insects. It includes nails and provides an NFA of 18.
  • HighPoint® InvisaRidge Exhaust Vent
    Even though HighPoint® InvisaRidge has no exterior baffles, the high-performance and innovative design allows just as much airflow as exterior baffle products while being virtually undetectable from street level. The product also provides an NFA of 18.
  • HighPoint® Stealth Ridge Exhaust Vent
    With its novel one-sided and high-performance design, HighPoint® Stealth Ridge fits perfectly on any shingle cap 9 inches or larger. HighPoint® Stealth Ridge provides an NFA of 12.
  • HighPoint® Intake
    When installed on the roof deck above the insulation line, HighPoint® Intake provides intake ventilation to homes without soffit overhangs.

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About Atlas
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