Atlas Storm Center: Making Mother Nature Work for You

AtlasPRO+™ Contractors Now Have an Easier Way to Pinpoint Hail-Damaged Buildings

Amy R. Connolly, Writer
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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AtlasPRO+™ contractors now have a reliable way to identify areas impacted by hailstorms with the Atlas Storm Center Powered by HailTrace. The new tool, now available in the AtlasPRO Portal gives PRO+ contractors access to a FREE canvasing tool powered by HailTrace, the industry leader in weather forensics technology.

With a few keystrokes, PRO+ contractors can canvas cities, neighborhoods and even individual homeowner addresses for hailstorm data dating back over 10 years.

COMING SOON: Contractors will also be able to order hail impact reports for potential new customers. As an exclusive bundle, AtlasPRO+ contractors can also order HailTrace and EagleView bundle reports, which combine HailTrace weather data with EagleView aerial mapping.

Accessing and ordering the reports is simple:

1. Log into your AtlasPRO Portal account. Click on the Storm Center button or the Digital Design & Sales Tools tab and click the Atlas Storm Center Powered by HailTrace button.

2. Enable browser location permissions or manually enter a city, state or address. Click the dropdown box to select a search radius.

3. Choose a date for a hail report. The map will show swaths impacted by hail. Zoom in closer or drag the map to see detailed hailstorm locations, right down to individual homes and buildings. Reference the hail size legend for size details.

4. With an area chosen, click on Order Report. Enter the required details and select the type of report (instant impact report, impact report verified by meteorologist or instant impact report and EagleView bundle), and your report is created.

5. Or, with the EagleView bundle, select the type of roofing products that will be used and other pertinent information for a complete report.

6. Input billing address and payment method. The EagleView bundle also provides users with a free Roof & Home Design 2D visualizer of the job.

7. To view the reports, click on the Measurement & Estimating Tools tab and the Report Kiosk box.

PRO+ contractors who want an EagleView report only can click on the Measurement & Estimating Tools tab, choose EagleView and input the property owner information, the type of report and billing information.

The HailTrace and EagleView reports provide invaluable information that puts PRO+ contractors steps ahead of the competition. Using HailTrace’s precise hail-mapping technology, real-time severe weather tracking and staff meteorologists, contractors have actionable data that proves hail damage tied to specific dates.

EagleView reports then provide the next step to starting a job — accurate roof measurements. Both easy-to-read reports give property owners and insurance companies peace of mind knowing the roofing company values honest and accurate work.