Providing Care for the Uninsured

Atlas Partners with Baker Roofing to Aid Alliance Medical Ministry

Carol J. Alexander, Writer
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Roughly 90,000 residents of Wake County, NC, have no health insurance. In an area where the average emergency room visit costs $1,500, uninsured individuals often go without necessary care and medications, making them more likely to develop chronic illnesses and miss more time from work.

But Alliance Medical Ministry is there for them, providing comprehensive and compassionate health care to working adults with no insurance. That’s why, when Alliance found its services threatened by an aging clinic roof, the community came to the rescue.

Without a safe and secure building, Alliance’s estimated 2,500 annual patients would go without primary and specialty care, counseling and mental health services, and health and wellness programs.

“We’re truly grateful to have had a part in helping this important ministry,” says Keith Gregory, vice president of Baker Roofing.

When the company got involved, Gregory contacted Stuart Wilson, the coastal regional sales manager for Atlas Roofing.

“Baker’s one of the largest roofing contractors in the country,” Wilson says. “And they could have chosen from multiple manufacturers they partner with. We’re honored they asked us right out of the gate.”

After Wilson determined that Atlas had products available to donate, he consulted with his plant managers. Together, they chose Pinnacle® Pristine shingles — a product that would look aesthetically pleasing and provide high-performance coverage on Alliance’s clinic.

“When we have the resources and material to allocate,” he explains, “we like to take advantage of the opportunity to give back to the community.”

Atlas Roofing’s willingness to help communities shows in other jobs where needs include not just roofing materials, but fundraising as well.

“Our values align with Baker’s,” Wilson says. “And we have a unique partnership where we have engaged in a way to positively impact organizations like Alliance Medical Ministry.”

Working through its distributor, ABC Supply in Raleigh, Atlas donated a complete roofing system to cover the 17,000-square-foot roof, which included:

"We’re quite thankful to our valued manufacturing partner, Atlas Roofing Corporation, for their very generous provision of quality roofing materials for the project,” Gregory says. “It’s a blessing to have such a caring and devoted group of medical providers in our community.”