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The Benefits Of Light-Colored Shingles In Extremely Hot Regions

Paul Casseri, Product Manager
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Choosing the perfect shingle for your home can be difficult. From aesthetic appeal to features to function, every option must be weighed. For homeowners in extremely hot regions, light-colored shingles are the best choice because they offer relief from damaging UV rays, heat and thermal shock, all of which can prematurely degrade an asphalt shingle.

Lighten Up

Light-colored shingles reflect more heat from the roof’s surface, so less heat is absorbed into the residence. RCI (formerly the Roof Consultants Institute) reports the temperature for black shingles can reach up to 160 degrees F, with a sustained temperature of 140 degrees during the summer. Homes with white shingles typically peak at 140 degrees, which keeps them 20 degrees cooler than roofs with black shingles. By reflecting the sun's rays, light-colored shingles stay cooler than dark shingles during peak times — and the difference equals significant savings for homeowners, who can save 15 percent to 17 percent on their total cooling cost, depending on what area of the country they live in. Simply put, a cooler roof routinely equals a cooler home and energy savings each year.

Don’t Go Into Shock

Thermal shock mitigation is another benefit of light-colored shingles in extremely hot regions. Thermal shock happens when a roof’s temperature goes from really high to really low in a short amount of time. The stress of extremely hot days followed by the rapid cooling of sudden rain showers and/or cool nights causes shingles to expand and contract and, over time, can lead to shingles splitting, cracking and losing their granules prematurely. Fortunately, light-colored shingles are able to reflect a majority of the sun’s rays, which minimizes the chances of thermal shock and fragmentation.

Get A Star

ENERGY STAR-certified roofs are a great way for homeowners to receive utility rebates, federal tax credits and home insurance discounts. To be eligible, the roofing products installed on a home must reflect at least 65 percent of the sun’s rays. Light-colored shingles have a high solar reflectance, which allows them to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR’s minimum requirements, putting the homeowner on the direct path to yearly savings.

Atlas Roofing offers ENERGY STAR-certified options, which can provide peace of mind in extremely hot regions. Check with a local Atlas Roofing contractor to find out more, and start enjoying the savings.