AtlasPRO+™ Webinar: Build FORTIFIED Tough

How to Stand Out from Your Competitors

Tiara Searcy, Marketing
Reading Time: 1 minute
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Homeowners trust their roofers to be expert guides. They want to get the best roof installed by knowledgeable contractors and keep their home and belongings safe, even under extreme conditions. During this webinar, you will learn about FORTIFIED Roof™, a simple to follow, voluntary process that you can use to exceed your customer’s expectations, help differentiate the roof options you offer from your competitors and win at the kitchen table.

There are 3 basic steps:

  • Install roofing materials and accessories that meet FORTIFIED requirements
  • Work with a FORTIFIED evaluator to document installation
  • Homeowner gets a FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate from IBHS that, in some locations, can make them eligible for robust incentives

Watch the video to learn more.