The Perfect Palette

How to Choose the Best Atlas Shingle Color for Your Roof

Atlas Roofing
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There are many factors to consider when deciding on new shingles for your home, including style, durability, algae resistance and warranties. The good news is that no matter which shingles you select, Atlas has you covered on all those accounts. The hardest part will be picking a color!

Whether you prefer the traditional browns and blacks or aren’t afraid to spin the color wheel and land on a beautiful blend of hues, Atlas has the perfect palette from which to choose.

Want to see how each Atlas shingle style and color would look on your home? Visit Atlas Roofing’s Roof & Home Design Studio or download its RoofSwap! app to “try on” all the options.

For more design tips, including which colors will best complement your home’s specific exterior, check out the “Atlas Shingles Color Selector Guide.”