Miracle Workers

Contractors’ Nonprofit Lets Them Do More Good For Their Community

Angie Lewis, Writer
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When a Tennessee man died in a car crash in 2016, leaving behind a wife and two small children, one of them with special needs, a local nonprofit stepped in to work its first “miracle.”

My Town Miracles, based in Collierville, TN, paid the mortgage and car payments for six months and provided other assistance during what the organization's website calls “this family’s journey of recovery.”

An Intentional Impact

Founded two years ago, My Town Miracles (MTM) is co-branded with My Town Roofing, owned by contractors Kyle Grasso and Noel Fenderson.

My Town Miracles focuses on creating miracles for individuals and families who really need them, helping people in four key areas: life (pregnancy), liberty (addiction), learning (education and growth) and last days (end-of-life issues).

Though My Town Roofing benefits local homeowners, the company wanted to make more of an intentional impact in the communities it serves.

“We do for one what we wish we could do for many,” Grasso says. “We wanted to ‘be the miracle that brings lasting change’ to individuals and families in the community. We have been so blessed as a for-profit company; we felt that My Town Miracles was being the best steward with everything that has been entrusted to us.”

Since its inception, MTM has worked with underperforming high school students, helping them confront significant barriers outside the classroom and providing each student with committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. This process not only improved the students’ academic advancement, but also aided their personal growth into self-motivated, resilient and responsible citizens.

In addition, the organization has partnered with other nonprofits, including Toys for Tots Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Memphis Athletic Ministries, Page Robbins Adult Day Center and Dorothy Day House. Most recently, MTM partnered with Service Over Self (SOS), which helps to repair homes in the inner city of Memphis, TN.

The Light Of The Future

To date, Grasso says MTM has been part of 13 miracles, focusing on work that has a generational impact to change the trajectory of someone’s life, or to come along at a time when someone needs that last glimmer of hope.

“This organization is why we do what we do,” Grasso says. “Our business-as-mission mindset drives the passion behind everything we do to glorify God and be the light to everyone we come into contact with. We all have a personal responsibility with what has been entrusted to us, and this is dear to our heart to fulfill that purpose.”

For more information, visit MyTownMiracles.org or MyTownRoofing.com.

Photo Credit: My Town Miracles