Electro-Galvanized Nails Study

Which Nails Should You Use?

Paul Casseri, Product Manager
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A University of Florida corrosion test on electro-galvanized roofing nails tested the nails for corrosion, per TAS 114 Appendix E. Test results indicated that none of the electro-galvanized nails sampled from current suppliers in the market passed the test. All nails exhibited corrosion that fail the performance requirements per TAS 114. As a result of this study, effective April 1, 2016, Miami-Dade County electro-galvanized fastener listings were suspended. An action plan to reinstate the listings is underway, requiring independent selection of test samples and testing to prove compliance with TAS 114 Appendix E.

FRSA Recommendation

FRSA recommends WH Maze Electro-Galvanized Roofing nails. These nails are a little more expensive than standard electro-galvanized nails because they are double-hot-dipped-galvanized, but have been and continue to be in compliance with TAS 114 Appendix E testing. Until existing products on the market can be retested, made compliant and approved, nail corrosion will continue to be a concern for contractors using electro-galvanized nails. This will substantially increase the cost of nails for the contractor.

Cost Savings

Nail cost went up about 300 percent from approximately $.01/nail to about $.04/nail. Nail savings with Atlas HP Technology design will save contractors some serious money thanks to larger exposure and the 4-Nail/130 mph Wind Limited Warranty.

  • Atlas 4-Nail (130 mph) vs. Competitors 6-Nail (130 mph) — Save 144 nails per square because of 4 less shingles per square and Atlas 4-Nail 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty = SAVINGS OF $5.76/square
  • Atlas 6-Nail (130 mph) vs. Competitors 6-Nail (130 mph) (where code requires 6-Nail) — Save 24 nails per square because of 4 less shingles per square at $.04/nail = SAVINGS OF $.96/square
  • Atlas 4-Nail (130 mph) vs. Competitors 4-Nail (110 mph) — Save 16 nails per square because of 4 less shingles per square at $.04/nail = SAVINGS OF $.64/square