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Atlas PRO+™ Contractors Who Leveled Up Despite COVID-19

Allyson Sherrier, Writer
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Despite 2020 being a challenging year for many companies, roofing contractors are continuing to advance their businesses.

We spoke to a few of our PRO+ contractors to find how they’ve managed to keep their businesses afloat and thriving during such uncertain times.

Jack Monte | First Time's a Charm

Bayou Builders Construction Group (Westlake, LA)

Jack Monte

When starting Westlake, LA-based Bayou Builders Construction Group in 2019, owner Jack Monte had no idea what his first year in business would look like. COVID restrictions put his team to the test during a very challenging initial year.

He built a close relationship with his new Atlas sales representative, which helped him get his company to take off. He hasn’t looked back since.

“We are all new to the industry here at Bayou Builders Construction Group, but we were blessed to have so many opportunities to learn [from] and grow even faster,” Monte explains.

Hurricanes Laura and Delta pushed Westlake to the top in 2020. The company went from working on and installing five or six roofs a month to that same amount per week.

Monte is proud to say the success gained from their year has allowed them to give back to the community by donating to local schools and veterans as well.

Chris Mashburn | Core4™ for the Win

PROCO Roofing & Construction (Fort Worth + Houston, TX)

Chris Mashburn

Chris Mashburn, owner of Texas-based PROCO Roofing & Construction, attributes part of his company’s success to Atlas Core4™ Technology, which he calls perfect for weather conditions in the southern U.S.

PROCO Roofing’s staff was also tested in various ways last year but continued to work toward the highest quality for its customers. Mashburn says that hard work is what tipped his company over the edge and into PRO+ Platinum status in 2020.

“We pride ourselves in offering what we consider to be the best of the best to our customers,” he explains.

Mashburn also credits their continued success to the relationships he and his team have made and maintained throughout their time in business. Mashburn says they put a big focus on long-term relationships versus short-term gain.

“The relationships we built with our existing customer base helped keep us not only surviving but growing during a very challenging year.”

Baret Hibbard | Dedication and Hard Work

Hibbard Roofing and Construction (Lafayette, LA)

Baret Hibbard

Hibbard Roofing & Construction, based in Lafayette, LA, gained a lot of new business in 2020 due to repair work following Hurricanes Laura and Delta. They achieved new success and clientele last year, despite COVID restrictions.

Hibbard says his team has worked tirelessly to ensure their quality is always up to par even under the most difficult circumstances. He says that dedication is to thank for his business’ growth in the past year.

“I can contribute our success to hard work and dedication,” he says. Part of that includes a catch all system for all debris and nails coming off the roof. He also personally travels to every home his team works on and surveys the area for any leftover nails, leaving the yard and roof in tip-top shape.

“People do business with people they trust. Stay trustworthy, and you’ll get business.”

Cory Fontenot | “Teamwork” Makes the Dream Work

Cayenne Construction & Remodeling (Lafayette, LA)

Cory Fontenot

Cory Fontenot, owner of Cayenne Construction and Remodeling in Lafayette, LA, started business part time in 2013 and went full time in September 2019. He had used products from a different roofing manufacture before making the switch to Atlas, but since then, he’s installed Atlas shingles for customers from Nebraska to Texas to Louisiana.

While two hurricanes in 2020 helped push Cayenne Construction’s business to the next level, Fontenot says, due to the uncertainty of COVID, his sales team also worked relentlessly, growing the business four times over since the beginning of last year.

“I purchased a large, 22-acre tract with a new home that included a separate office to allow our growth of personnel and equipment storage,” Fontenot explains. “This huge part of success is having a driven team built with my father as my operations manager, as well as friends and prior co-workers that I have full trust in growing the business.”

Cayenne Construction has used its success to add more information to its website, order new merchandise and more. Still, Fontenot says, the most significant benefit for him after a challenging year has been Atlas University.

“We’re able to train our staff with videos of Atlas products rather than just on-site training. Using [Atlas PRO+] has provided great tools and incentives to grow my company.”

Atlas PRO+

The four contractors featured in this article are all Atlas PRO+™ contractors. For every Atlas shingle square featuring Scotchgard™ Protector and/or Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System they install, PRO+ contractors earn points toward achieving Silver, Gold or Platinum status.

Best of all, the PRO+ Portal allows contractors to manage all of their jobs and leads, keep track of their points/status, view their available rewards/Atlas Bucks, request customer testimonials, stock up on Asphalt Life gear in the AtlasPRO Shop and so much more — all in one place.