Answered Prayers

Texas Church Receives a "Bundle" of Blessings

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Frazier Roofs & Gutters has been serving Arlington, TX, for more than four decades, making it one of the oldest roofing companies in the area. As a member of The Good Contractors List, the company prides itself on its customer satisfaction — and not just for those who pay.

“We try to give back to the community as much as possible,” says Billy Harris, general manager for Frazier Roofs.

So, when a Frazier Roofs employee, who is a deacon in his church, found out about another sanctuary in need, he asked his company to step in.

The small church, called Temple of Faith Ministries, in Fort Worth, TX, was in bad shape with leaks all over, Harris explains. However, the organization did not have any insurance or money for repairs.

Wanting to help, Frazier Roofs offered to fix the church’s roof for free and requested products from Atlas Roofing, which gladly donated what was needed to complete the job:

“We believe Atlas is a great brand of roofing materials and wanted the best,” Harris says.

Frazier Roofs also re-decked the building, supplying half of the plywood, while the church supplied the other half.

Today, the church’s staff and parishioners can worship, without worry, thanks to their answered prayers of a new roof!

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