Gutter Covers

Avoid Roofing Warranty Pitfalls

G.K. Sharman, Writer
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Gutter covers (also known as gutter guards) prevent leaves and other roof debris from getting into gutters. They protect gutters from warping, sagging or overflowing and save homeowners from having to get up on a ladder and clean out the mess.

Correct gutter cover installation is connected to the integrity of the roof and roofing best practices.

Atlas Roofing recommends that gutter covers be installed by professionals who are familiar with good roofing practices. Homeowners should not attempt to install their own gutter covers unless they can obtain installation instructions from the gutter cover manufacturer.

Gutter Covers And Shingle Warranties

In most instances, gutter cover products installed by knowledgeable professionals according to shingle manufacturers’ instructions do not have an impact on the Atlas asphalt roof shingle warranty.

Installers should avoid gutter cover installation when any of the following occur:

  • Installation requires fasteners to penetrate the shingles to hold the gutters in place.
  • Installation calls for removing and replacing shingles.
  • The drip edge has to be removed or eliminated.
  • Roof shingles have to be trimmed, cut or modified.

Underlayment has to be removed or gutter covers have to be installed under the underlayment.

The Atlas Roofing Limited Shingle Warranty and the Atlas Signature Select® Limited Warranty exclusively cover manufacturing defects of the Atlas roof shingles. Neither warranty covers the gutter covers or damage caused by their installation.

Please refer to the Atlas Limited Warranty for detailed warranty coverage.