Restoring History

Storm-Damaged Ohio Home Gets New Atlas Roofing System

Michael Lawson, Writer
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In spring 2011, a devastating hailstorm that brought heavy winds, torrential rain, baseball-size hail and an unforgiving tornado ripped through Centerville, OH. Sitting directly in the path of destruction was one of the oldest homes in the town. Left unprotected, the building suffered significant damage. After years of neglect, a local roofing company with three generations of experience in restoring homes and a reputation for its attention to detail, was called in to survey the damage — and it did not look good.

The historic home was in need of new siding, windows, aluminum gutters, entry doors, garage doors and a roof. But the contractor was up to the task and came with a plan to reverse the storm’s destruction. To accomplish his goal of restoring the historic roof, he relied on the safety and security of an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System to get the job done.

Rebuilding History In Centerville

The contractor provided the homeowners, the Utz family, with a detailed, step-by-step, analysis of the damage to their home, as well as a two-pronged proposal. His immediate goal was to restore the home to the way it was before the storm. The contractor also felt that improving the quality of the home was important. To be successful with his restoration plan, he recommended the Atlas Signature Select System featuring Pro-Cut® Starter  shingles, Pro-Cut Hip and Ridge shingles, Gorilla Guard felt underlayment and 76 squares of StormMaster® Slate architectural shingles in the color Blackstone Slate. He believed this line would not only hold true to the character of the home, but also bring back some of its authenticity.

Selecting The Atlas System

It didn’t take much to convince the Utz family, who liked the idea of a 20-year extended premium protection period (as well as the lifetime warranty) and chose the full Atlas Signature Select System for its home.

“Having new shingles installed is something homeowners will only have to do once or twice in their lifetime,” the contractor said. “And we wanted to help them get it right the first time around. The home was not just important to the Utz family, but as one of the original homes in Centerville, it holds a special place in the hearts of the townspeople as well.”

Choosing Atlas. Choosing The Best.

The big storm took a toll on the old house. The roofing contractor knew right away that Atlas products would be perfect for the job.

“We have been using Atlas products for a number of years, and have seen the continued evolvement of not only the products, but the company as well,” he said.

The original structure had undergone many modifications during the past century, including different roof pitches and dead valleys. Because of the alterations, roofers had to make several changes to the home that were critical to the overall project, which included removing the box gutters, cutting off the rafter tails and installing new fascia board. With the preliminary work out of the way, the contractor was happy to put Atlas Roofing's versatile and user-friendly Signature Select System to work.

Home Sweet Home

Despite many challenges, the local roofing company was able to restore the historic house. Workers used metal valleys during the Atlas StormMaster Slate application, which allowed the shingles to be installed from one pitch to the next without complications. This application also helped with the unsightly appearance of a hump in the roof due to a no-cut valley, a straight-cut valley or a woven valley. Additionally, because the Signature Select System was so easy to work with, roofers were able to complete the job quickly and on time.

The newly finished roof will provide the Utz family with unmatched protection for years to come. StormMaster Slate shingles have a Class 4 impact-resistance rating that helps them withstand Mother Nature's worst. The shingles also come with a 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty, which is the ultimate security against strong winds. Finally, the power of Scotchgard™ Protector will prevent the ugly black streaks caused by algae, keeping the shingles looking beautiful longer.

Partnering For Success

Celebrating the successful completion of the project, the Ohio contractor praised the Atlas roofing system.

“We believe the product is a great partnership for us, as well as for the homeowner,” he said. “We always install the entire Signature Select System to ensure the customer gets the extra 10 years of premium protection before the proration begins.”

Finally, with the warranty submitted and the renovations complete, the customer (and the entire town of Centerville) can rest easy because the historic home is now protected by a new Atlas Signature Select Roofing System.