Oh, You Shouldn't Have!

Atlas Holiday Gift Guides Help You Nail Gift-Giving This Year

Kris Hirschmann, Writer
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It's never too early to start your holiday shopping! 

Check out these Atlas holiday gift guides, which are full of fun and practical items you can give to your crew. Plus, you may even find a few things you would love to receive — whether you drop hints to family or friends or decide to buy something for yourself. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell Santa you beat him to it!)

For the Crew

Have a Drink

After a long, hot day on the job, you’ll be ready to kick back with a cold beverage. Protect your tables from condensation with these stylish and affordable Asphalt Life coasters.

Asphalt Life coasters

Write-in-the-Rain Waterproof Notebooks

Roofing crews work in all sorts of your weather, so roofer gear needs to do the same. Grab these waterproof notebooks and say goodbye to soggy pages.

Waterproof notebooks

Asphalt Life Leather Patch Cap

Protect your crew from the blazing sun in style with this Atlas-branded leather patch cap. It’s good looking and good performing, too!

Asphalt Life leather patch cap

Asphalt Life Beanie

Roofing must go on in the dead of winter sometimes. For those cold days, this comfy Carhartt beanie will keep everyone’s noggins toasty warm.

Carhartt beanie

System Slayer Backpack and Roller

For your sales staff, these gear-toting systems are the tools you’ve been waiting for! The backpack and the roller both come fully loaded with Atlas brochures, color guides and system and warranty literature, providing your team in the field with everything they need to close the sale.

System slayer backpack
System slayer roller

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Jacket

Columbia quality with Atlas branding — it doesn’t get much better than that!

Columbia jacket

For Contractors (or Yourself!)

Tear-off Shovel

You gotta get the old shingles off before you can get the new ones on. Get it done right with this two-pack of tear-off shovels. These tools take a serious beating, so it’s good to have one in reserve, just in case of unexpected breakage.

Tear-off shovels

Safe Shoes

These Thorogood men’s American Heritage safety boots are not cheap, but they’ll keep a guy’s toes attached to his feet — and that’s a goal everyone can agree on. They look good and will keep feet comfortable through the longest days of roofing.

Thorogood boots

Picture Perfect

Get amazing photos and videos of finished roofing jobs with the DJI Mini 2 drone. Beginner-friendly, powerful and small, this drone’s stunning image quality lets contractors highlight their good work.

DJI Mini 2 drone

Watch This!

The Apple Watch is, of course, much more than a time-telling device. It’s also an exercise tracker, a heart health monitor, a touchless pay solution, a GPS, a phone and a remote control. It includes a “fall detector” feature that will automatically alert EMTs if the wearer takes a bad tumble on the job — a very useful feature for roofers.

Apple watch

Friendly Friction

SteepGear is a line of clothing developed especially for roofers. Its carefully engineered fabric creates extra resistance against shingles, making falls less likely.

SteepGear pants

Atlas Flag Banner Co-Brandable

Let the world see who’s on the job with this Atlas flag banner, which has prominent space for a company logo. It’s the perfect advertising display for office, home show or jobsite.

Atlas flag banner

Any or all of these items are sure to be holiday hits. So, put on your Santa hat and start shopping early to spread a little Atlas joy!