Hammer Time With Paul - Episode 2

How To Install Synthetic Underlayment

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 1 minute
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In the second installment of our new “Hammer Time” video series, Paul Casseri, product manager for Atlas Roofing, describes the do’s and don’ts of installing synthetic underlayment.

Using Atlas Roofing’s Summit® 60 synthetic roof underlayment, Paul demonstrates the proper way to install the material on a drip edge at the eave and rake. He also explains the importance of using plastic cap fasteners over staples and why you should never pull the underlayment too tight during installation.

Summit 60 is a synthetic alternative to #15 felt roof underlayment and meets the ASTM D6757 inorganic shingle underlayment standard. Because it’s made with a woven polymeric scrim, Summit 60 provides increased strength, reduced slippage between the underlayment and roof sheathing, and improved walkability during installation. Unlike organic felt, this high-quality product will not buckle, warp or crack over time and its UV coating allows for 60-day exposure to the sun while a roof is being installed.

For more information about Atlas Roofing’s Summit 60 synthetic underlayment and all of its other available roofing products, visit atlasroofing.com/roof-shingles.

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