Summertime Stressors

How to Maintain Quality and Team Morale During the Busy Season

Atlas Roofing
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During the hecticness of the summer rush — between being booked solid, workers taking sick days and encountering potential mechanical troubles with company trucks — some important details can easily slip through the cracks. But when your reputation is on the line, it doesn't matter how busy you are, because every customer expects and deserves a quality roof installation.

So, how do you ensure high standards and maintain team morale during the busiest season of the year to keep everything running smoothly? Essentially, it comes down to two simple things: delegating and time management.

For example, having forepeople and site managers overseeing the day-to-day details, such as pre-job quality (i.e., inspecting materials, checking for product defects, planning for worker safety) and the installation process (i.e., supervising workers, inspecting the progress and quality of work, meeting with inspectors) can free up more of your time to handle big-picture issues.

In addition, maximizing productivity, such as starting early, setting aside time for routine tasks, taking caring of yourself, taking advantage of time-saving technology and staying visible, helps to keep you on track and out of the weeds. This efficiency allows your company to uphold its high standards and retain quality crew members, aiding in the continued health and growth of your roofing business.

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