So Many Choices

How To Pick The Right Shingle

Daris Brown, Writer
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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If you think choosing the right shingle color is hard, you are not alone. With an endless array of colors to choose from, getting started can be difficult. But don't worry — we’ve got a great system to help you pick the perfect shingle color for your home.

Select Your Style

Before you start flipping through a collection of earth-tone samples, you need to determine which shingle style best fits your home — and your price range. You don’t want to waste time falling in love with a beautiful shade of brown if it’s not available in a style you like.

Most homeowners are not aware that shingles come in different styles, including three-tab, slate look and architectural.

Three-tab: Have a traditional, flatter look and are considered the most affordable (See: Atlas Legend®, GlassMaster® and Tough-Glass®)

Slate look: Mimic the look of slate but offer the easy care and affordability of asphalt (See: Atlas StormMaster® Slate)

Architectural (also known as laminate): Layered to resemble wood shake with a thicker and more dimensional appearance (See: Atlas StormMaster® ShakePinnacle® Pristine and ProLam™)

Focus On Features

Narrow down the options by comparing available shingle features and determining which are most important for your roof. Here are a few features to consider:

Choose Your Color

Deciding on shingle style and features first, you can significantly narrow down your list of color options. Go through that shortened list and pick the best color for your home.

Maybe you want to match the roof color to the shutters or front door. Or perhaps you're more of an opposites attract kind of person? In that case, if you have a light-colored home, go with a dark roof (or vice-versa for a dark-colored home). The contrast will help your entire house pop.

Don’t be afraid to spread out your sample boards and make a side-by-side comparison to help with your selection process. Likewise, don't hesitate to lean on the advice of your roofing contractor, who has years of experience and can be a valuable resource for helping you choose a color.

Sit Back And Enjoy!

Atlas Roofing offers a broad range of beautiful designer colors and styles, which makes it easy to find an exceptional shingle to boost your home’s curb appeal. Visit the Atlas website to get started.