The Need For Speed

5 Resources For Accelerating The Roofing Design And Bid Process

Amy R. Connolly, Writer
Reading Time: 5 minutes
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Working as a roofer involves more than performing physically demanding tasks like climbing and heavy lifting. Before an existing roof is torn off and the first nail is pounded, roofing contractors focus on designing and bidding for projects — essential responsibilities that can make the difference in a job well done.

Mobile apps and software make administrative and technical work, such as documenting job leads and developing precise measurements, faster and easier, freeing up valuable time to complete a project.

These helpful resources, in no particular order, make the design and bid process more straightforward:

1. Atlas Roof & Home Design Studio

Summary: Using the Atlas Roof & Home Design Studio, homeowners can upload photos of their homes to try out a variety of roofing styles and colors.
Benefits: Provides a simple way for homeowners to see their Atlas roofing choices

How It Works:
The Atlas Roof & Home Design Studio, powered by RenoWorks, allows homeowners to view images of homes — either personal photos or photos of sample homes — with Atlas roof shingles. The app eliminates the need for time-consuming image masking (removing and replacing sections of the image) and manipulation.

Homeowners can choose products for their roof and adjust the perspective. And through the Atlas Roof & Home Design Studio’s Pristine Effect functionality, they can also see the longtime effects of ugly black streaks on “algae-resistant” shingles compared to Atlas shingles featuring the power of Scotchgard™ Protector.

2. SumoQuote

Summary: SumoQuote helps contractors connect with their customers through professionally designed sales presentations that include visually appealing graphics, customized analytics and personalized pricing information.
Benefits: Develops quotes based on specific customer information

How It Works:
Ryan Shantz, owner of Epic Roofing & Exteriors in Canada, developed SumoQuote to change the focus of quoting from company to customer. Through the SumoQuote platform, contractors design quotes that demonstrate their ability to:

  • Understand the home
  • Identify with the challenges
  • Provide solutions
  • Successfully complete the job

SumoQuote promotes customer confidence by using content that speaks directly to the client’s specific needs. Unlike generic spreadsheets or outdated customer relationship management (CRM) software, SumoQuote includes templates for photos, project-specific information and personalized branding. The platform also provides a dashboard for sales teams to track and boost sales.

3. RenoWorks Pro

Summary: RenoWorks software allows roofing contractors and homeowners to examine realistic-looking virtual environments during the design and bid phase before committing to purchases and construction projects.
Benefits: Visualizes new and remodel home construction projects, including roofing

How It Works:
RenoWorks Pro and RenoWorks Design Services help roofing contractors and home remodelers through visual presentations of a finalized project.

RenoWorks Pro Visualizer uses photo-realism to communicate proposed work, putting the entire team on the same page. To use the program, contractors upload project photos, identify the surfaces (e.g., roof, siding, door) in the photo and choose improvements. Homeowners can select products from a catalog of manufacturers, including Atlas Roofing, for customized work.

RenoWorks Design Services eliminates the photo preparation step for contractors. Instead, RenoWorks specialists identify the product surfaces, freeing up contractors and customers to focus solely on the design phase of the project.

4. Atlas RoofSwap!

Summary: Atlas RoofSwap! provides contractors and homeowners with an easy way to compare and choose from the many Atlas roofing shingle styles and colors.
Benefits: Takes the guesswork out of visualizing and selecting a new Atlas roof

How It Works:
Atlas RoofSwap! is an iPad-enabled app that gives contractors and homeowners a preview of a new Atlas roof before any shingles are installed.

The Shingle Visualizer color-selection tool allows users to upload a photo of a home or select an image of a sample home and see how various Atlas shingle styles and colors would look on the roof.

RoofSwap! also offers the Pristine Effect tool, which simulates algae growth on a roof over time. Through a side-by-side comparison, homeowners can see how Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector prevent the ugly black streaks caused by algae, unlike other “algae-resistant” shingles.

5. iRoofing

Summary: The iRoofing app uses satellite, aerial, drone and blueprint images so contractors can measure and estimate jobs from one platform.
Benefits: Makes roofing measurements easier and faster

How It Works:
The iRoofing app uses a variety of images — including satellite, aerial, drone and new construction plan sheets — to get accurate measurements for estimations and product simulations. The app eliminates the need for third-party roofing reporting, which can be costly and time consuming, and allows for unlimited measurement reports.

The app also provides contractors with a platform for custom-branded sales presentations that include high-resolution images and a customized cost estimator. Its iRoofing Roof Visualizer offers an extensive catalog of manufacturers, including Atlas Roofing, which allows homeowners to see their roofs before installation.

Through the app, contractors can organize customer scheduling and track job status. Customers can also shop colors and materials on their own time and tag and share their favorites.