Is Your Roof Ready For Hurricane Season?

Get Superior Protection With The Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System

Daris Brown, Writer
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Extreme winds rip shingles from their roofs. Endless rainfall turns into disastrous flooding. Golf ball-sized hail loudly pounds down from up above. These are just a few of the problems homeowners experience when a major storm passes through. Each hurricane season, you — or more specifically, your roof — must be prepared for the hazards that can damage your home. With the fortified protection of an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, you have the security to weather nature’s worst.

A System For The Storm

A hurricane brings a relentless attack of hail, rain and strong winds. Sometimes lasting hours, this is a blitz that an average roof may not survive. But if your home is built with a Signature Select Roofing System from Atlas, every single layer on your roof will be designed to safeguard your home from the top down.

The first layer tested by the unforgiving forces of a hurricane is the shingles. The Atlas StormMaster® line of shingles shield a roof when protection is most needed. The 130 mph Limited Wind Warranty provides superior resistance against wind and wind-driven rain. This helps prevent your shingles from blowing off and landing on your neighbor’s lawn. Additionally, the Class 4 impact-resistance rating will help your roof stand up to the frozen fury of hail. Equally important, hip and ridge shingles cap off your roof with their own Class 4 impact rating and high-wind performance for added security.

Below the shingles lies the underlayment. This added layer of defense and durability helps shield your home at its most vulnerable. In the unfortunate event of a blow off, the underlayment’s tear-resistant, water-resistant and UV-resistant features will help carry your roof through a state of exposure. Finally, the starter shingles guard your roof’s most critical areas (eaves and rakes) from harmful wind uplift.

Every layer of the Signature Select Roofing System is built to work together. And as a unit, they are built to withstand Mother Nature’s toughest test, while giving you the assurance of an industry-leading warranty.

The Ultimate Protection

On average, the U.S. is hit by two hurricanes a year. While you can board up your windows and put sandbags in front of the garage, your home’s roof is often the first place to be affected by a hurricane. Before a storm makes landfall, be sure your roof is up for the challenge. If you don’t already have a Signature Select Roofing System, it’s never too late. All of the components of the Signature Select system are backed by Atlas Roofing’s extended and enhanced coverage. To get started, find an Atlas contractor in your area.