Designed To Protect

Impact-Resistant Shingles Help Shield Roofs From Major Damage

Daris Brown, Writer
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Hail and high wind. At first mention, they seem relatively harmless. A little inconvenient when it comes to picnics or cheering on your favorite sports team. But upon closer review, Mother Nature’s enforcers can sweep through neighborhoods leaving destruction in their wake fit for a horror movie.

Over the past several years, wind and hail damage claims in the U.S. account for nearly 40 percent of all insured losses, with $15 billion in damages annually — and growing. Yet these natural disasters often fly under the radar for many homeowners.

Educate your customers on the many benefits of impact-resistant shingles. Class 4 impact-resistant shingles are manufactured to resist the force of hail, sleet and wind-blown rain. Class 4 shingles are the best defense against impact damage. Designed to protect, a Class 4 shingle provides unmatched strength and lasting durability — even in the toughest storms.

Testing For Success

In 1996, insurance industry experts teamed with the Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to create an impact-resistance rating system for roofing shingles. Known as UL 2218, the classification is now the national standard. Roofing shingles are rated Class 1 through 4, with Class 4 awarded only to the toughest and most durable. Tests simulating the effect of 90-mph hailstones are used to determine the rating.

Long-Term Protection

A new roof is a big investment for a homeowner. Class 4 asphalt roof shingles provide the long-term protection homeowners need to preserve their home’s curb appeal by resisting some of the harshest weather conditions. Traditional shingles without impact resistance may break or fracture in the moments homeowners need them the most, which means even small storms can lead to big and expensive repairs. Common storm damage includes cracked or broken shingles and torn underlayment that can result in long-term problems such as mold growth, wood rot and water infiltration.

With the help of a Class 4 impact-resistant shingle, homeowners will get much more than peace of mind from weathering the storm. Most home insurers offer policy discounts for the increased protection the shingles provide. So you might say, it pays to have protection.

Takes An Impact. Makes An Impact.

The problem isn’t just hailstones. In a gale-force storm, wind-driven rain or sleet can inflict damage on a roof and the home it protects. A Class 4 shingle offers the best possible protection from such hazards. Atlas Roofing manufactures two lines of Class 4 shingles: StormMaster® Shake and StormMaster Slate.

The key to their Class 4 rating is Core4™ Enhanced Polymer Technology, which gives roofing shingles more flexibility and durability. Its rubber-like quality keeps hail and wind-blown rain from fracturing the shingle and causing damage. StormMaster shingles help resist impact from the hail. So don't choose just any old shingle to weather the storm — "master" it!