Rush Season

Managing Standards And Team Morale When Business Is Booming

G.K. Sharman, Writer
Reading Time: 4 minutes
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It’s summer. You’ve got jobs lined up one right after the other – sometimes on top of each other – to the point that you’re almost afraid to look at your calendar. Plus two guys called in sick, it’s supposed to rain this afternoon and one of your company trucks has been making a funny noise.

With everything demanding your attention, you can easily let things slip and overlook important details. But no matter how busy your crews are, your goal is to give every customer a quality roof installation – your reputation depends on it! Here are some ways to ensure high standards and maintain crew efficiency, even with a full schedule.

Upholding Standards On The Jobsite

Job quality starts with company policies and procedures. Roof Depot in Alpharetta, GA has put together a quality control manual that outlines how to maintain standards on the job site so clients receive comprehensive and consistent roof installation. All employees are required to adhere to the manual. “Our organization is committed to delivering a quality product and service,” said Ron Heath, vice president of production.

On site, foremen and site managers shoulder much of the responsibility for job quality. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Inspecting materials to make sure the right products in the right amount for the job have been delivered.
  • Ensuring that products have no defects and that they are handled and stored correctly.
  • Planning for worker safety and OSHA compliance. They need to make sure that:
    • Crewmembers use personal arrest systems on low-slope roofs and also have toe boards on steep-slope installs.
    • Every member of the crew has protective gear such as helmets and gloves.
    • First aid kits are available on-site.

During the installation process, they should:

  • Supervise workers, making sure they handle and install roofing materials according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Inspect the progress and quality of the work and be sure workers are meeting their target goals.
  • Make sure the property is watertight at night.
  • Meet with inspectors as necessary.

Quality Time Management – Office Time offers a list of productivity tips that can help you manage the busy roofing season at the office. By streamlining processes, you can have more time and mental focus to devote to job quality issues.

Tips include:

  • Start early: Get to the office half an hour before everyone else and tackle the to-do list. A quiet office also lets you check emails and do planning in peace.
  • Set aside time for routine tasks: Checking email and taking calls during the day can really add up. Consider limiting online time to lunch or breaks.
  • Take care of yourself. Workers and customers need you to be at your best – something that’s hard to do when you’re stressed out. Remember to stay hydrated, eat well, take breaks and get a good night’s sleep. For top productivity and quality, you should encourage your crew to do the same.

“What works for me when my guys are super busy is taking a few minutes to chat with each crew foreman during the day," said Jon Goodman, Operations Manager, Guardian Home Improvements, LLC in Morrisville, PA. "We talk on the phone while he stands in the shade and has some water or sports drinks and discuss the job. The team gets a breather and can go back to work with a clearer head. It helps the guys be more productive and has cut down on mistakes."

Other ways to uphold standards even when crews are busy include:

  • Take advantage of time-saving technology. Online scheduling boards, invoices and production software can automate tasks that often take up time when done the old-school way. Make sure everyone on the team who needs access to information is connected through mobile devices.
  • Stay visible. Ignoring marketing, sales leads and relationship building is easy to do when running from job to job. Potential customers expect companies to be consistent in their marketing. Make this one of your projects each day – when you check email, follow up on sales leads.

High standards and a quality crew are essential components of every single roofing job and for the continued health and growth of the company. By making time to focus on these issues, you can have more time and energy to pay attention to the details that add up to satisfied customers and a better bottom line for your business.