So, You've Hired a Roofing Contractor — Now What?

Professional Contractor and TV Host Mike Holmes Shares 5 Things You Need to Know...

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Finding the right roofer for the job is just the beginning... 

As professional contractor and TV host Mike Holmes explains in the video above, there are several things you need to know after hiring a roofing contractor, including:

  • Be prepared to make a deposit.
  • Don't compromise your product selection to rush the job.
  • Maintain good communication.
  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses.
  • Get warranty documentation.

"Do your research on the right materials and take your time hiring your roofing contractor," Mike says. "That's how you 'Roof It Right.'"

A Stylish, Beautiful Look That Lasts

While reviewing shingle options with your contractor, keep in mind that your roof is an integral part of your home's curb appeal. It sets the tone for the overall look of your home and affects its resale value, which means there are many factors you should take into consideration. 

In the video below, Mike shares some of the key things you should pay close attention to when deciding on your new roof, including:

  • Choosing a quality product
  • Considering shingle styles
  • Considering color blends
  • Protecting the look of your roof
  • Hiring the right contractor

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Mike recommends shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector by 3M, which prevent the ugly black streaks caused by algae. That's why Atlas Roofing's Pinnacle® PristineStormMaster® Shake and StormMaster® Slate lines are Holmes APPROVED Products.

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