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Milwaukee Public Schools Adopt Innovative Roof Drainage System

Diane Peoples, Marketing Communications Manager
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The proud team at Milwaukee Public School System

The proud team at Milwaukee Public School System,
on one of the 200 historic roofs.
From left to right: John Linn, Dennis Fula and Ryan Fula.

Milwaukee Public School System, through its decades long partnership with Atlas Roofing Corporation, has successfully implemented a program enabling them to repair, replace and maintain the roofs of more than 200 buildings, ultimately extending the roofs’ lives by at least 10-15 years.

When Dennis Fula took over the MPS maintenance team over 20 years ago, he was immediately faced with a serious and time-sensitive issue – many of the school system’s 200 buildings had roofs that were in terrible shape due to years of wear and tear, along with weathering the harsh Milwaukee winters. Almost every roof had excessive leaks and water damage – some even under threat of collapse or condemnation – and it was clear that the quick fixes applied up until this point were making the long-term problems worse.

In order to properly preserve these historic school buildings, Dennis and his team needed to lighten the loads – in some cases, tearing off and replacing current roofs. The new roofing solution needed to be lightweight while improving thermal performance and creating positive drainage. The MPS maintenance team implemented the Atlas Certified Drainage Program (CDP™) to resolve safety concerns and reduce future structural failures.

The Certified Drainage Program has helped the team tackle these issues through custom-engineered roof systems using Atlas’ polyiso insulation and specialty products. Not only have the lives of the roofs been extended to a new industry standard, but the team can now manage routine maintenance while saving time, labor and financial resources. While maintenance is still required, the number of repairs needed is drastically reduced each year.

The MPS team are incredibly proud of the program’s success, made possible by the support of Atlas Roofing Corporation.

You can read the full MPS Case Study here.