The Great American Off-Road Race

The Mint 400 Returns To Vegas

Atlas Roofing
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The pulse-pounding action of professional truck racing returned to Las Vegas, NV, in March 2017 with the Polaris RZR Mint 400. The physical stamina and mental endurance of drivers was put to the test in a race that featured 300 teams in 25 different classes.

Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race,” the Mint 400 is part of the Red Bull Signature Series and features a star-studded lineup, such as former NFL All-Pro DeMarcus Ware, film and TV stars Patrick Dempsey and Dax Shepherd, motorsports legend Travis Pastrana and two-time Mint 400 champion Justin Lofton.

“There is something about the challenge of off-road racing that is unique and remarkable,” Dempsey said after his class win in the 2013 Mint. “The amount of variables and difficulty in just getting a finish are immense. I love the challenge and can’t wait to climb into the car.”

For more than 40 years, the epic 24-hour, 400-mile pro-am event through the Mojave Desert has exhilarated those with a thirst for excitement and possibility.

Groundbreaking author Hunter S. Thompson once wrote: “In some circles, the Mint 400 is a far, far better thing than the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Lower Oakland Roller Derby Finals all rolled into one. This race attracts a very special breed.”

Featured in the novel Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and film by the same name, the Sin City-based event has long attracted the Hollywood elite. Legends of the silver screen such as Steve McQueen, James Garner and Chuck Norris have tested their mettle against the likes of astronaut Gordon Cooper and musician Ted Nugent in a competition that truly separates the men from the boys.

Converging On Las Vegas

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) — the pre-eminent roofing construction and maintenance event for contractors and building materials suppliers and manufacturers — was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center concurrent with the 2017 Mint 400. Atlas Roofing exhibited at booth 1717 and was the sole premier manufacturing partner of the Genesis Contractor Solutions (GCS) Racing Team.

“The Mint 400 marks the beginning of a collaborative marketing partnership between Atlas and GSC,” explains Stan Bastek, director of marketing and sales development for Atlas. “GSC is a one-stop contracting solutions firm based in Englewood, CO. GSC offers capital, insurance collections and other back office assistance and consulting services to roofing and construction contractors in the insurance restoration industry. Access to capital solutions from Genesis allows contractors to handle the influx of jobs during a storm, stay out of the credit crunch with suppliers, and keeps employees focused on selling and installing rather than collecting checks and calling the insurance company.”

Additionally, GSC started a nonprofit called to provide a resource and outlet for victims of contractor scams. The organization offers a database of qualified contractors that homeowners can trust.

GCS Team Looks For Another Crown

GCS Racing Team drivers include Genesis Capital Ventures (GCV) CEO and founder Jeff Posey, Chip Griffith and professional driver Paul Dallenbach. GCV is the parent company of GCS.

“I have always had a passion for racing motorcycles,” Posey said. “I raced for almost 11 years before retiring at 40. The body can only take so much abuse, so after double knee surgery and three shoulder surgeries, I felt it was time to quit. But, the Mint provided a new way to get my racing juices flowing again, and I have never looked back.”

To help navigate the wild terrain, Posey partnered with incredible driver Paul Dallenbach, who has a family history in both Formula 1 and NASCAR. He brought with him a great deal of experience for the unique adventure through the desert.

“I met Paul on the Colorado 500 ride several years back and, like me, Paul loved racing — except he raced cars professionally,” Posey said. “He called and asked if I would be interested in racing in the Mint 400. At first glance, I knew that I would love it.”

The Mint 400 And IRE

On March 3, the annual Mint 400 Tech and Contingency displayed more than 350 off-road vehicles and accessories on Fremont Street in the middle of downtown Las Vegas. Inspiring even the tamest of gear heads, the free event attracted thousands of enthusiasts.

The historic gathering dates back to the 1960s when the Mint 400 launched in front of The Mint Hotel, which the Binion family purchased in 1988. The race was revived in 2008.

Tech and Contingency attendees got to see Atlas Roofing featured on the hood and side panels of the Genesis Contractor Solutions truck, where it promoted both its designer shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector and the Asphalt Life blog where contractors show how they “Live, Roof, Play.” Atlas and GSC held a “Sign the Truck” event at their tents, giving attendees the opportunity to autograph and sit behind the wheel of the GCS off-road truck that was used in the race.

According to Posey, this was the race to end all races.

“It is seven to eight hours of the roughest terrain in the country, and you are traveling through it at over 100 mph with limited visibility,” Posey said. “The adrenaline rush that I used to get from racing motorcycles was revived, and I found something that I can grow old doing. The people who put on the Mint and drivers like Patrick Dempsey, DeMarcus Ware and Robby Gordan are the nicest guys to be around, and the race represents over 60 years of the best of the best in the racing world. It is an honor to participate.”