Atlas Insider: Samantha Stratman, Sales Rep (IA)

Live, Roof, Play — and Namaste Together!

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 1 minute
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Sales Rep Samantha Stratman does yoga in her favorite Iowa studio

In honor of National Fitness Month (May), allow us to introduce you to Samantha Stratman, a territory sales rep for Atlas Roofing in the State of Iowa, whose two passions of yoga and biking are part of her active lifestyle.

Samantha specifically loves doing hot yoga (in temperatures that can exceed 105 degrees!), because she says it's great for cardio, meditatation and focus.

After moving to Iowa, Samantha says she really got into biking, and now rides anywhere from 15 to 100 miles during the spring, summer and fall months.

Samantha has been with Atlas over two years, during which time she says it's never felt like a job. "It's always felt like a place where everyone came together to get to accomplish something bigger than themselves. It feels like a career."

We don't know about you, but we love Samantha's breezy, yet canny philosophy on life, work and fitness: "Live, Roof, Play — and Namaste Together!" (We're here for it!)

Learn more about Samantha in the video above or on YouTube.