When All Hail Breaks Loose

Check Out the New and Improved Atlas Storm Center

Atlas Roofing
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The new and upgraded Atlas Storm Center powered by HailTrace is now available in the AtlasPRO Portal!

The Atlas Storm Center provides a free storm canvasing tool that allows contractors to search homeowners’ addresses (in street view, if preferred), select hail dates and hail size, and order bundle reports for HailTrace and EagleView data.

According to its website, HailTrace is “the most accurate hail mapping application in the world.”

With four experienced meteorologists on staff, HailTrace uses weather forensics to generate hail maps for every storm, with details such as hail size and storm duration. It also identifies the number of homes impacted by hailstorms and tracks wind speed and direction.

The HailTrace app can also send alerts for new hailstorms, and then create and move a marketing plan into action, helping contractors get their teams to hail-damaged areas before the competition.

Watch the video above to see the Atlas Storm Center in action.

To access the Atlas Storm Center, log into your AtlasPRO Portal.

For more information about HailTrace, visit Hail-Trace.com.

For more information about EagleView, visit EagleView.com.