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New Atlas HP42” Format Shingles Shine

Angie Lewis, Writer
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A home in the Atlanta area was the first roof in the country to get Atlas shingles with HP42” technology, a revolutionary new format introduced in July 2017. Both the contractor and manufacturer were pleased with the results.

Larger than any shingle currently made in the United States, the HP42” shingle format results in a faster installation, as well as significant savings in labor and materials for contractors. HP42” format shingles are the new standard for the Atlas StormMaster® Shake, Pinnacle® Pristine and ProLam shingle lines.

“These new high-performance HP42” format shingles are larger and better engineered, which makes them easier and faster to install,” said Paul Casseri, Product Manager of Atlas Roofing Shingles and Underlayment Division. “As a result, contractors and crew can expect a drastically improved installation experience.”

HP42 Shingle Installation Close Up - HP/HP42 Case Study

Faster On The Roof

Contractor Dirk Gowder of Ryno Roof in Atlanta says the HP42” shingle format made the project a breeze.

“The larger shingle sped up installation time by about 10 percent because there’s less waste, more courses per run, and there’s less cutting of the shingles,” Gowder explains.

With the benefit of using fewer shingles and experiencing less waste, this particular job was easily completed in one day, giving Gowder’s guys plenty of time to do the finishing touches and clean up around the home.

The Ryno Roof crew also installed Summit 60 Synthetic Underlayment, Atlas Pro-Cut® 10X Starter Shingles and Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge Shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector, as well as Atlas Pinnacle® Pristine shingles in Pristine Hearthstone, seamlessly mixing both HP and HP42” format shingles on the roof.

Mix And Match

“The install process, even with the mixed shingles, couldn’t have been simpler,” Gowder says.

“It was an easy transition from the standard-sized shingles to the 42-inch shingles,” he explains. “The new HP42” format shingle fits the pallet perfectly, so all of the shingles were nice and straight and flat when we opened every single bundle.

“My guys moved through the install just like they would have if this were a standard roof job with only one type of shingle. The Atlas quick start guide had clear, easy-to-follow instructions that made the job go smoothly.”

The old format of the Atlas HP shingles and new HP42” format shingles both have the same 6-inch exposure, which allows them to be mixed on a roof — as long as the products come from the same plant. Shingles made in different plant locations may contain a different granule blend and can vary in color.

For any roof installation, contractors should follow the manufacturer’s printed installation instructions, which include keeping the shingle seams outside 5 inches of each other in relation to the shingles in the previous and proceeding course when mixing the shingle sizes. (Click here to download our simple install guide.)

“After using HP42” format shingles on the test house,” Gowder says, “I’m going to start using them on all of my jobs because they make installation easier and faster and save me money because I don’t have to order as many bundles since they produce less waste.”

Atlas StormMaster and Pinnacle Pristine shingles also feature Scotchgard™ Protector, which helps a home maintain its appearance by resisting ugly black streaks caused by algae. The roof qualifies for the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System warranty, which comes with a built-in extended protection period.

“The quality Atlas products, backed up by the Signature Select® coverage, will protect this home for a long time,” Gowder says.

HP42” Shingle Format Features

Atlas shingles with HP42” technology offer a number design and technological advantages over competitors’ shingles, including:

  • A larger size: the shingle is a full 42 inches wide and 14 inches high.
  • An enhanced 1½-inch Sweet Spot® nailing area that helps the crew stay accurate when aiming for the shingle common bond.
  • A seven-course, zero-waste shingle offset that provides up to 5 percent material savings compared with some other leading shingle brands.
  • A larger 6-inch exposure.
  • A high-performance 130 mph wind limited warranty with a four-nail install.

Savings that contractors can expect on a 40-square job include:

  • 320 fewer shingles to install.
  • Up to 6,400 fewer nails and penetrations, which can save contractors up to $40 on a 130 mph wind limited warranty installation.
  • Labor savings of two to four hours on the roof.

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