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New Roof Provides Breathing Space For Breast Cancer Survivor

Amy R. Connolly, Writer
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Atlas Roofing partnered with G. Klemm Roofing of Geneva, IL, to help a breast cancer survivor who was struggling to pay bills.

When Jeff Rosier, of G. Klemm Roofing in Geneva, IL, broke the news to Mercedes Nuss that the company would not cover the costs to repair her roof, she was quiet at first.

As a breast cancer survivor and widow, Nuss had been working tirelessly to pay her lingering medical expenses while trying to make ends meet. She had reached out to a local charity when her roof started leaking. In turn, the charity called on G. Klemm Roofing for help. Nuss knew her leaky roof could cause a cascade of damages but didn’t have the money to fix it.

Luckily, Rosier waited only a split-second before he burst out with the happy news: G. Klemm was instead going to replace the 21-year-old roof for free.

And then came her tears of joy.

“She said, ‘Wait, what did you say?’ and she cried. I don’t know how many times she has hugged me. She’s extremely thankful,” Rosier said.

Thanks to teamwork between G. Klemm, Atlas and Hines Supply of Warrenville, IL (which donated some materials and delivery), Nuss’ roofing worries were put to a fast end.

The new roof was completed in summer 2019, but the process began earlier in the year when Rosier was looking for a special way to honor G. Klemm’s 25th anniversary.

An ‘Automatic Yes’ From Atlas

When Rosier learned about Nuss’ plight, he reached out to his longtime buddy Brian Pelletier, an Atlas sales representative. Pelletier said Atlas didn’t skip a beat.

“When I asked Atlas to get involved, they didn't even question it. It was an automatic yes,” he said.

Ultimately, Atlas donated 73 bundles of Pinnacle® Pristine Pewter, five bundles of Pro-Cut® Starter shingles, three bundles of Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge shingles, six rolls of WeatherMaster® Ice & Water 200 underlayment and two rolls of Summit® 60 synthetic underlayment.

Rosier said the Pristine shingle was a perfect fit for Nuss’ home because it is a solid product that’s built to last. In fact, in his daily work Rosier regularly uses Atlas products because of the quality and workmanship. G. Klemm Roofing also buys the Summit® 60 by the pallet to ensure they always have it in stock, Rosier said.

“I think the Pristine colors are all nice in their own way, but the Pristine Pewter just stood out as a perfect match,” Rosier said. “It blends into the home very well.”

The 26-square job took two days, and the new roof provides Nuss with the peace of mind she needs to focus on other things.

The same spirit of teamwork that brought together Atlas and the other companies to help Nuss will be delivered across the nation from Aug. 15 to Oct. 15.

In honor of breast cancer awareness, Atlas will be offering special-edition Summit 60® Pink rolls embellished with pink branding and pink ribbons, the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. For every roll sold during the two-month period (including both traditional and limited-edition pink ribbon rolls), Atlas will donate $2 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which helps cancer survivors like Nuss.

Future Roofing Partnerships

Pelletier, whose mother is also a breast cancer survivor, said he’s proud to be a part of Atlas’s commitment to helping Nuss and others dealing with breast cancer.

“This was an opportunity to do something good for someone in need, and I’m glad we could do it,” Pelletier said. “I am very proud and thankful to work for a company that gives back like this.”

For Rosier, the satisfaction came from the smile on Nuss’ face at every moment.

“I’ll never forget when I went out to her house to show her some of the color options for the shingles. She was so incredibly thankful,” Rosier said. “To be able to be a part of this was huge.”

The special-edition Summit® 60 Pink will be available to contractors exclusively through Atlas Roofing distributors while supplies last. For every roll of Summit® 60 purchased (both traditional and special edition) between Aug. 15 and Oct. 15, Atlas will donate $2 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.