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Atlas Donates Materials for Northeast Texas Habitat Projects

Angie Lewis, Writer
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Since its founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 35 million people across all 50 states and in more than 70 countries achieve strength, stability and independence through safe and affordable shelter.

While Habitat is known for constructing new homes, it also works with local businesses, such as roofing companies, to make necessary repairs on existing homes.

For example, earlier this year, Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity was able to give three homeowners new roofs — and peace of mind — thanks to help from two area roofing contractors, who provided free labor for the installations, and Atlas Roofing, which donated the roofing supplies needed for each job.

“Each of these project’s materials were requested to ensure these families have safe housing,” says Gennifer Coleman, operations director for Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity in Longview, TX. “We get a limited amount of funding for each project and with the help of Atlas, we can help achieve safety in their homes.”

Coleman says these particular projects are part of Habitat’s critical repair program, which helps the elderly, disabled and veterans with health and safety issues in their homes.

The three projects included:

East Ann Drive

Location: Longview
Homeowner: Veteran
Reasons for repairs: Draining issue on the back of the house, water was seeping into the home up to an inch deep
Contractor: Noble Roofing

Atlas materials donated:

Singleton Street

Location: Marshall
Homeowner: Mother and (adult) daughter
Reasons for repairs: 10-year-old roof was in bad shape, water damage in the home was causing the ceiling to fall
Contractor: Silverline Roofing

Atlas materials donated:

Sawmill Road

Location: Longview
Homeowner: Unknown
Reasons for repairs: Home did not have adequate pitch to drain water from the roof, water collection was causing roof sagging and deterioration
Contractor: Noble Roofing

Atlas materials donated:

Affordable Housing Crisis: By the Numbers

According to the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, on any given night, more than a half-million Americans are homeless. And the numbers associated with the reasons why are staggering (and heartbreaking):

  • More than 10.8 million U.S. families are considered extremely low income.
  • The national minimum wagetwo-bedroom apartment.
  • More than 70% of extremely low-income families pay more than half of their income for housing, leaving what little they have left to cover all of their other expenses, including utilities, food and healthcare.
  • The national shortage of affordable housing for extremely low-income families totals more than 7 million.
  • Due to underfunded programs, only one in four extremely low-income families that need assistance receive it.