Atlas Joins NRCA's One Voice Initiative

Addressing The Roofing Industry's Most Critical Issues

Tiara Searcy, Marketing
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Atlas Roofing Corporation has joined the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) One Voice initiative and upgraded its associate membership to "partner member.”

NRCA's One Voice initiative is a transformational approach to addressing the roofing industry's most critical issues and concerns — with one voice — to secure its future.

In February, NRCA launched the One Voice initiative to unite the roofing industry and speak about matters critical to its continued success. NRCA believes the industry has matured to the point where the views and concerns of contractors, manufacturers, distributors and others involved align on the vast majority of issues they face. There is a clear consensus to move the roofing industry forward together, and NRCA is reaching out to manufacturers, distributors, architects, engineers and consultants with the goal of having them become fully engaged with NRCA, as partners.

"If the roofing industry is going to be successful in attracting field workers, technicians, plant workers, warehouse workers, foremen, estimators and managers, it will do it best through a concerted and coordinated effort,” says NRCA CEO Reid Ribble. "NRCA is developing a structured, credentialed, national worker training program for roofing workers. NRCA's Pro Certification Series will help attract and keep workers, improve and increase their productivity, provide a demonstrated career path through certification and enhance professionalism of the industry. It also allows our industry to demonstrate a commitment to training as we compete with other trade groups.”

NRCA invites manufacturers, distributors, architects, engineers, consultants and service providers to fully engage with NRCA, as partners, and actively address the industry's most pressing issues including: workforce and work certification, effecting change in Washington D.C., building codes and insurance, and increasing professionalism in all industry sectors.

"Atlas Roofing is proud to partner with the NRCA and the One Voice initiative" says Ken Farrish, president of Atlas Roofing Corporation. "It is important that we unite to affect change and positively position the roofing industry to obtain and attract qualified and skilled professionals."

Now is the time to unite the roofing industry. For more information about NRCA and its One Voice initiative, including a list of the 18 current One Voice member partners, visit