The Asphalt Life Podcast: Episode 22

Finding "Balance"

Atlas Roofing
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In this episode, Troy Clymer, COO/CFO of Balance Claims, joins Tiara in the Atlas Lodge at the 2020 International Roofing Expo (IRE) in Dallas, TX. The two discuss their families and how they find balance (no pun intended!) in the Live, Roof, Play lifestyle.

Troy explains how he met his business partners and formed their company, which provides high-quality professional administrative services to help contractors manage insurance claims. He talks about how Balance Claims is growing a customer-service-forward business and the importance of building relationships. And he covers the top three things contractors should know when processing claims.

The Asphalt Life Podcast - Ep. 22
Finding "Balance"

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Episode host:
Tiara Searcy, content and digital marketing manager for Atlas Roofing

Episode guest:
Troy Clymer, learning how to be a husband

Balance Claims:

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