The Asphalt Life Podcast: Episode 31

Meet the Atlas Marketing Team (+ Summer 2020 Recap)

Atlas Roofing
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In this special episode, Tiara welcomes her Atlas marketing teammates who share their backgrounds, upcoming projects they’re excited about and fun facts about themselves.

In addition, they recap the summer of 2020 and what it’s been like living and working through COVID-19.

The Asphalt Life Podcast - Ep. 31
Meet the Atlas Marketing Team
(+ Summer 2020 Recap)

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Episode host:
Tiara Searcy, content and digital marketing manager for Atlas Roofing

Episode guests:
Jeff Key, director of marketing for Atlas Roofing
Rick Gelatka, director of marketing operations for Atlas Roofing
Lauren Carlson, marketing and communications manager for Atlas Roofing
Claudette Marchena, marketing coordinator for Atlas Roofing