The Asphalt Life Podcast: Episode 4

Introducing Core4™ Enhanced Polymer Technology

Atlas Roofing
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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We’re gonna blow your mind — with science! Specifically, the science behind our new Core4™ Enhanced Polymer Technology! Stan, Alex and Paul are back for a chat with special guest Hazem Shanab, director of research and development for Atlas.

Hazam explains how Atlas has moved beyond SBS with an enhanced proprietary polymer that makes our asphalt shingles stronger and longer-lasting than those made with standard asphalt technology. The team also discusses how Atlas StormMaster® Shake and StormMaster Slate impact-resistant shingles with Core4 earned their UL 2218 Class 4 rating. Learn more about Core4 at

The Asphalt Life Podcast - Ep. 4
Introducing Core4™
Enhanced Polymer Technology

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Episode hosts:
Stan Bastek, national sales director for Atlas Roofing
Alex Dale, regional sales manager for Atlas Roofing
Paul Casseri, product manager for Atlas Roofing

Episode guest:
Hazem Shanab, probably the smartest guy at Atlas

Topics covered:
(2:06) What is a polymer?
(2:47) History of polymer shingles (SBS)
(4:28) Wind performance and nailing area
(11:58) Anchor points and lifting
(14:52) History of asphalt and polymers + R&D
(18:16) “We are the skin”
(19:58) FlexCore™ Technology + ThermalCore™ Technology
(22:13) What happens to shingles without modified polymer
(24:34) PolyCore™ Technology
(25:42) Recycling opportunities
(27:41) WeatherCore™ Technology
(30:35) UL 2218 Class 4 Impact rating
(35:24) Core4 availability
(35:43) “The ultimate test”