The Asphalt Life Podcast: Episode 6

SEO (Part 1): Finding The Right Provider

Atlas Roofing
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If you’re not maximizing your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, you could be missing out on countless job opportunities. In this episode, Tiara and Alex talk to Ethan Petroka, founder of Omega SEO, who explains what to look for in an SEO provider. Learn the difference between black-, white- and gray-hat agencies. Plus, hear some best practices and long-term strategies for growing your roofing business.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this special series, in which the gang will share practical next steps for getting in the SEO game.

The Asphalt Life Podcast - Ep. 6
SEO (Part 1):
Finding The Right Provider

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Episode hosts:
Tiara Searcy, content and digital marketing manager for Atlas Roofing
Alex Dale, regional sales manager for Atlas Roofing

Episode guests:
Ethan Petroka, SEO shark

Contact info: | | 203.349.9232

5 Questions To Ask Your SEO Provider
Keyword Finder

Discussion topics:
(4:12) What is SEO?
(5:11) PPC ads vs. organic SEO results
(7:04) Finding the right SEO agency + “hat” colors
(7:56) Questions to ask (see doc link above)
(11:04) In-house vs. outsourced work
(13:14) Ranking results
(14:58) Developing ranking methodologies
(17:26) Source of search-volume estimates
(19:49) Best practices for keywords, website updates and ads
(22:48) Long-term strategy for growth
(26:03) Contact info + last thoughts