The Asphalt Life Podcast: Episode 7

Let's Get Physical

Atlas Roofing
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Spring has sprung, and the warmer weather means more business — and more time being active outside. But the physicality of roofing isn’t enough to keep you in tip-top shape. In this episode, Stan and Tiara chat with Walter Romano and Jon Vitolo of RK General Contracting in Dover Plains, NY. Despite a scaffolding accident that left part of Walter’s face and tongue numb and caused six herniated discs in his back, the guys motivate each other to make strength and conditioning training a priority. Listen as they share tips for starting or upping your workout routine.

The Asphalt Life Podcast - Ep. 7
Let's Get Physical

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Episode hosts:
Stan Bastek, national sales director for Atlas Roofing
Tiara Searcy, content and digital marketing manager for Atlas Roofing

Episode guests:
Walter Romano, one tough cookie
Jon Vitolo, needs more kettle bell

Contact info: | | 203.349.9232

RK General Contracting:

Discussion topics:
(1:54) Meet Walter + Jon
(6:55) Incorporating workout competitions into home shows
(8:57) Getting started + finding your motivation
(11:12) Cardio vs. strength/conditioning
(12:41) Benefits of core work
(14:47) Creating balance with various routines
(18:16) Strength-training competitions
(20:18) Find what fits you well
(22:08) Diet + meal planning
(26:37) Daily stretching/warmups
(28:22) “World’s best anti-depressant”
(30:26) Making exercise a habit
(31:06) Your job is not keeping you in shape
(32:06) Final thoughts