The Asphalt Life Podcast Replay: ProForce Elite Sales Reps (Part 2)

Bill Taylor & Mike Walker

Atlas Roofing
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Atlas Roofing’s ProForce sales reps are the “face” of our company. These women and men work tirelessly with AtlasPRO+™ contractors across the country, providing them the support they need to grow their roofing businesses.

The ALP Features Our Elite

In the second part of this previous episode of The Asphalt Life Podcast, we talked to two of our long-time ProForce Elite Sales Reps — Bill Taylor, who works with contractors in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, and Mike Walker, who works with contractors in Memphis, TN, and Northern Mississippi.

Bill explains how he got into the roofing industry, shares his most embarrassing moment and tells us what it’s like to share his house with a Pirate — his green-winged macaw.

Mike, a former teacher, tells us how talking to people and staying positive helped him build a successful career in the roofing industry, plus, he shares his love of travel and how he represents the Asphalt Life around the world.

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