The Asphalt Life Podcast Replay: SEO (Part 1)

Finding the Right Provider

Atlas Roofing
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Seeking out roofing jobs may not be a priority — or even necessary — during the height of the busy season, however, doing a bit of legwork online ahead of slower periods can help you generate new business when you need it most.

One of the best (and relatively easiest) ways to gain opportunities for new work is to maximize your website's search engine optimation (SEO) efforts.

Unlike paid advertising on social media, SEO helps to drive more organic "traffic" (aka potential customer visits) to your roofing company's website using strategic keywords.

Not sure where to start? Get ready to hit the "Play" button!

The ALP Takes On SEO

In this previous episode of The Asphalt Life Podcast, Tiara Searcy, digital marketing program manager for Atlas, and Alex Dale, Southeast regional sales manager for Atlas, talk to Omega SEO Founder Ethan Petroka, who explains which features to look for in an SEO provider. He also describes the differences between black-, white- and gray-hat agencies, and reveals some best practices and long-term strategies for growing your roofing business.

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