Storm Watch

Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Daris Brown, Writer
Reading Time: 3 minutes
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The images on the Doppler radar are ugly. Swirls of greens, yellows and reds cover the screen and the only thing clear is that it is time to get ready for the storm. Boarding up the windows, closing the shutters and gathering essentials such as food, water and batteries are obvious, but you have a few other important tasks to complete.

From the roof to the yard, every inch of your home and property must be evaluated. While the weather is still cooperating, take the time to prepare your home for Mother Nature's wrath.

Repair Loose And Missing Shingles

Take a good look at your roof before the storms come. Do all of your shingles appear to be properly nailed in place? Or are some of them torn or missing? Any shingle that's out of place warrants a call to your roofing contractor. A pre-storm inspection may seem counterintuitive, but the process allows your contractor to fix any potential issues before the weather arrives.

Damaged and missing shingles can lead to substantial damage. High winds can penetrate beneath buckling shingles, leaving your roof deck exposed and unprotected. This leaves your roof vulnerable to water, which can cause leaks or, worse, flood your home.

Storms make big problems out of small issues. Many roofing contractors offer FREE inspections. Make sure you take advantage of an inspection before a storm. It can save you a lot of money — and headaches — in the long run.

(Don't) Throw Caution To The Wind

Small tasks often get overlooked when you're prepping for a storm. Dangers are all around you, disguised as everyday objects.

A random baseball sitting in the back yard seems harmless — until it becomes a mini cannon, thrown around by 100+ mph hurricane-force winds. Lawn chairs can become lawn darts, sailing into the air and crashing through a glass door or window.

Minimize these types of potential threats by putting away anything in your yard that is not already well secured.

Trim Those Trees

Roofing shingles are strong. Many are manufactured to withstand hail, wind and wind-driven rain. Unfortunately, even a Class 4 impact-resistant shingle won't stand up to the massive limbs or trunk of an oak or maple tree.

Contact a local arborist to evaluate potential threats. Having your trees inspected not only protects your home but, in many cases, your neighbors' homes as well. A skilled arborist will remove any dead branches or other potential threats to your home and vehicles.

Make A List — And Check It Twice

Last but certainly not least, keep a checklist! It allows you to priortize tasks and keeps you organized. 

The closer a storm gets, the more frantic things become. Being as prepared as possible will help you feel less stressed and be more productive.