Ice Dams No More!

Prevent Leaks With Atlas Roofing's WeatherMaster® Underlayment

Oliver Olinger, Writer
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Throughout most of the U.S., winter brings low temperatures that can last for many weeks. And while a fresh snowfall and a glittering display of icicles may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can be a harbinger of destruction to a roof.

If the roof and attic are not properly ventilated, heat from inside the home can rise up through the ceiling and warm the roof unevenly, especially near the peak of the attic. The result of this heating, of course, is melted snow, which drips down the roof and freezes on the cold eaves and gutters.

Eventually, frozen water builds up at the eaves, blocking all drainage routes. The built-up ice effectively creates a dam for the continually melting snows. As the water accumulates behind the ice dam, it backs up under the eaves, damaging the shingles and leaking down into the house.

Roofing projects in the colder states must include not only the installation of proper roof and attic ventilation, but also quality, durable roofing underlayment designed to withstand long-term abuse during the winter months. Contractors should avoid installing inferior underlayment products because they can easily fail under harsh weather conditions and cause costly roofing and water damage.

Atlas WeatherMaster® Pro-Grade Ice and Water peel-and-stick underlayment is designed specifically to protect against ice and water under harsh conditions. It can be used under any type of roofing shingle from asphalt to tile, slate or metal. The entire roof deck of a properly ventilated roof will enjoy maximum protection against ice and water with this premium underlayment.

WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water can be used along eaves, flashings, valleys, ridges, hips, rakes, dormers and skylights. Its self-adhesive backing is ready to stick directly to the roof deck, even in cold weather, and is reinforced with a fiberglass mat.

At a thickness of 50 mils (which is 25 percent thicker than the industry standard), WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water underlayment consists of a dual-modified asphalt for superior granular adhesion.

More Than Strong Enough

Atlas WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water underlayment’s polyester surface provides excellent traction for contractors. In the event of construction delays, this high-quality product can withstand a 90-day exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun and can handle temperatures as high as 240 degrees F.

The modified, self-adhering bitumen of WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water naturally creates a watertight barrier when it seals to the roofing deck and around nail heads. A fiberglass mat also provides tear resistance far superior to saturated felt.

In addition to meeting all ASTM requirements for standard ice dam underlayment, WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water has also received Class A and Class C ratings from Underwriters Laboratories.

Go Into Winter Prepared

Atlas WeatherMaster Pro-Grade Ice and Water qualifies for use in the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System (when used with other qualifying Atlas products). The system qualifies homeowners for Atlas Roofing's Premium Protection Period. To find out more about protecting roofs from harsh winter weather, visit