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Scotchgard™ Protector Vs. Algae-Resistant Shingles

Paul Casseri, Product Manager
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Over time and early in their life cycle, roofs can be slowly transformed by ugly black streaks caused by algae. In humid environments, algae cells quickly multiply and dark streaks spread, hiding a beautifully designed roof color. When searching for solutions, there are algae-resistant shingles, and then there are Atlas Roofing shingles manufactured with Scotchgard™ Protector — and it’s important to know the difference.

It's All In The Details

There are two factors that separate one manufacturer’s algae-resistant shingle from another: the amount of copper granules used and how they are distributed across the shingles.

The amount of copper granules used per shingle varies from one manufacturer to another. Some manufacturers add only a 3 percent to 5 percent blend of copper granules. This means only very light coverage on the shingles, which cannot prevent algae from growing and keep black streaks from forming in the gaps. Additionally, many manufacturers do not add copper granules to every shingle or to the ridge across the top of the roof. This creates a checkerboard appearance, because those untreated shingles will allow algae to grow. And that look is anything but stunning!

The Power Of Scotchgard Protector

Unlike other algae-resistant shingles, Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector have a minimum 10 percent blend of copper granules distributed across every shingle. Third-party testing verifies this process — just one of the many requirements that make Atlas shingles worthy of the Scotchgard brand name. Moreover, to ensure a roof remains algae free from top to bottom, the copper granules are uniformly distributed across accessory shingles, including hip and ridge shingles. This leaves no gaps in coverage and less of an opportunity for black streaks to form.

To find the perfect shingle to complement any home, Atlas Roofing offers four shingle styles featuring Scotchgard Protector: StormMaster® Slate, StormMaster Shake, Pinnacle® Pristine and Legend®. These products are all supported by industry-leading warranties against the ugly black streaks caused by algae.

While it may seem all algae-resistant products are the same, the difference can be clear in just a matter of years. Don’t settle for any algae-resistant shingles — ask a roofing contractor about Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector.

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