Beyond Thankful: Asphalt Lifers' Turkey-Day Traditions

Roofing Contractors Dish on Their Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Amy R. Connolly, Writer
Reading Time: 4 minutes
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When you think Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. But what about lonely friends, losing football teams and Christmas movies?

We put the question out to our Atlas family of contractors on Facebook and asked them to share their favorite (and sometimes humorous) Thanksgiving traditions. We’ve included some of the top answers below.

“Having friends over who would otherwise be alone”

Few people relish the thought of being alone for Thanksgiving. Some even open their doors and their dinner tables to friends.

While the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving with friends is probably as old as the holiday itself, the word “Friendsgiving” only dates to 2007. Since then, it’s been popularized through television, movies and social media. In January 2020, Merriam-Webster added Friendsgiving to its dictionary.

“Making Thanksgiving meal sandwiches”

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a single meal. For others, Thanksgiving is the meal that keeps giving.

Many have a Thanksgiving feast early in the afternoon at around 2 p.m. and then have a “second dinner” later in the evening with dinner rolls loaded with turkey, stuffing and all the fixings – a Thanksgiving meal sandwich. Of course, a second dessert is on the menu as well. The next day, if leftovers allow, it’s turkey dinner all over again. Yum!

“Having an order of eating”

At Thanksgiving, children often have their own dinner set up, complete with a kid-sized supper table, unbreakable plates and plastic cups. In some families, the kids also wait to eat until the adults finish their meals.

For many families, a kid’s table or kids eating later is a matter of logistics and self-preservation – like an airplane oxygen mask. Before any flight, the cabin crew advises passengers to don their oxygen masks before helping others. A separate Thanksgiving dinner can have the same effect – adults eat first before helping the children. Because kids can be that much work (especially during the holidays).

“Watching the Detroit Lions lose”

You may call the Detroit Lions the OG of Thanksgiving football. Since 1934, the team has played on Thanksgiving Day, giving rise to the American tradition of eating too much turkey, laying on the couch, watching football and taking a nap.

For the legions of Detroit Lions fans, the Thanksgiving Day tradition has been bittersweet at best. The Lions don’t have the most winning reputation in the NFL, and this year’s no different. The Lions go into the Thanksgiving game with a 0-8 record, with some sportswriters thinking the team might actually go 0-17 this season. But if the Lions win against the Chicago Bears (3-5), it will indeed be a Thanksgiving Day miracle.

“Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and the beginning of Christmas movies in the evening”

Since 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (originally called the Macy’s Christmas parade) has delighted spectators. The 2 ½ -mile parade route in Manhattan includes character balloons, ornate floats, marching bands and musical performers.

Today, watching the televised parade has become a Thanksgiving morning tradition for so many, while cooking begins and the festivities get started for the day. Talk about holiday spirit!

“Being around family”

For some, the best Thanksgiving traditions begin and end with family. And for each family, those traditions differ.

Some families start the day with a Turkey Trot 5K and end with a kid-friendly football game. Other families cook together or plan their Black Friday strategy as a group. Others still gather to watch the National Dog Show or play some fun family games.

No matter what your family traditions are remember to have fun, kick back and enjoy time spent together. From our roofing family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.