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Up & Over Roofing Replaces Condo Roof for Local Resident in Need

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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A South Carolina homeowner received an unexpected house call in late April 2021, when Up & Over Roofing unexpectedly showed up at her door. The roofing company, which is based in Myrtle Beach, SC, had been working on the two condos around hers when they noticed the poor condition of her roof, explains David Escobar, general manager of Up & Over Roofing.

“The roof was in bad shape and all of the plywood was rotted from the condition of the shingles,” he says.

When the company approached the homeowner about her roof, they learned that her husband had just passed away and she didn’t have the funds necessary for a roof replacement.

Knowing the past year has been a tough one for everyone, John “Matt” Merolle, owner of Up & Over Roofing, and his company very much wanted to help their neighbor in need.

With the support of Atlas Roofing, ABC Supply Branch 517 and Richards Building Supply in Myrtle Beach, the company was able to give the condo owner a new roof — free of charge.

Project materials included 21 sheets of plywood donated by Up & Over, as well as the following roofing products donated by Atlas:

“We are the best roofing company on the Grand Strand and support Atlas products as our No. 1 choice!” Escobar says.