A Shingle by Any Other Name...

Why Atlas Roofing's Pinnacle® Pristine "Heather" Holds a Special Place in One Contractor's Heart

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 4 minutes
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As any single roofer knows, it can be tough to find love when you’re always working. That’s why Josh Helberg, owner of Exterior Pro in Saint Cloud, MN, started asking homeowners to set him up on a blind date, figuring they wouldn’t steer him wrong.

One homeowner knew the perfect woman for Josh — her neighbor Steph’s sister, Heather.

On their first date, Josh took Heather to dinner, for a walk, and then to a movie. “It was a perfect date,” he says. “I was stoked someone was interested in what I do.”

According to Heather, “It went great. I thought he was very sweet and charming,” she says.

About two and a half years later — on Nov. 20, 2010 — they got married. “Pretty much after the first date, I knew she was a keeper,” Josh says. “For the roofing side of things, she never complained if I asked for any help or if something needed to get done.”

In fact, Heather jumped right into the business with her hubby, becoming his executive assistant. “She is the yin to my yang,” he says. “I do the selling and building, and she handles the office work.”

So, it’s no wonder that Pristine Heather, in Atlas Roofing’s Pinnacle® Pristine line of shingles, is Josh’s favorite shingle color. It also happens to be his company’s best-selling color and shingle, too.

“I love Atlas shingles,” Josh says. “Pinnacle® is our No. 1 shingle, hands down.”

As an AtlasPRO+™ Diamond contractor, Josh definitely knows a thing or two about Atlas products.

“I feel good selling Atlas because they make me the expert and are so much better than any other shingle,” he says.

Scotchgard™-coated granules eliminate streaks, Mike Holmes approves of Atlas, there’s a double-dotted tar seal strip (‘Atlas just doesn’t blow off’) [for extra security], and the warranties are better. It truly is the best shingle on the market.”

“I have installed all brands of shingles and would always have a callback here or there for wind damage. With Atlas, never. When I get to explain everything about Atlas and the benefits, homeowners trust me. Atlas also has an easy rebate program once you get set up with them, to help grow your company.”

Plus, he adds, “I’m blessed to get to turn my new roofing job [paperwork] into my wife, who comes back with an ‘Attaboy!’ [every time].”

Josh also loves Atlas because he relates to its “Live, Roof, Play” motto. Even the license plate on his truck, which reads RFL (Roofer for Life), reflects his passion for the business.

More than a decade later, Josh and Heather are still happily married and the proud parents of a daughter and a son.

“He makes me laugh. We can have fun together, and he’s great with our two kids,” she says.

In 2022, they’ll celebrate their 12th Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. And Heather’s ideal gift isn’t a dozen roses, a box of chocolate truffles, or fancy jewelry (although, those are always appreciated too, of course). Nope. All she wants is what most busy moms would appreciate for Valentine’s Day (and Mother’s Day, and their birthday, and any time of the year): “a meal that I don’t have to cook and clean up after, either at home or out at a restaurant,” she says. Sometimes it’s just that simple. Take note, fellas!

From our Atlas family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!