The Big Chill

Winter Business Strategies to Heat Up Business in the Spring

Atlas Roofing
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Winter has arrived, which means business is chilling out for many roofing contractors across the country. But while installations may be on hold, there’s still work to be done.

The winter slowdown is a great time to strategize your business plan for the next year.

In a previous three-part article, we shared some of the things you can do now to fire up more jobs in the spring and beyond, including:

  • defining and developing your business plan,
  • auditing and growing your online presence, and
  • creating the best and most effective advertising campaigns and printed materials.

To learn how to (re)develop your plan for next year, read our “Winter Business Strategies” series:

Part 1 – Map Your Marketing
Part 2 – Your Online Presence
Part 3 – Your Advertising and Printed Materials