Winter Roof Check-Up

Get Your Roof in Shape for Winter

Angie Lewis, Writer
Reading Time: 2 minutes
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With winter just around the corner, be sure your roof is ready to take on Mother Nature’s coldest, iciest conditions. Roofing contractors recommend getting an annual inspection to assess the wear and tear that occurs throughout the year.

While an inspection is best performed before winter sets in, it can still be done during the more frigid months as long as the roof is free of heavy snow or ice. However, certain issues require an immediate inspection, such as:

  • Missing or bent shingles
  • Leaks
  • Piles of leaves and twigs on the roof
  • Bent gutters and/or trim

Addressing these issues before winter’s snow, ice, sleet and wind roll in can prevent major damage later on.

Nip The Drip

Start by examining the interior of your attic. Ceiling stains or wet insulation indicate that flashing and transition areas should be professionally inspected. A water spot is not always close to the source of a leak. Water can also take unexpected routes, traveling along rafters and the underside of a roof before finally dripping onto a place you can see.

Leave It To The Pros

The exterior of the roof will also need a thorough look — a task better left to pros who know what to look for and how to walk on a roof safely. Many qualified roofing contractors even offer free inspections.

Having a professional do an annual inspection can help prolong the life of your roof because small problems can be caught and fixed before they become disasters. The inspector can also answer questions about your roof or his/her report, which should include a course of action for any issues discovered during the assessment.

A roof inspection may find an issue that requires anything from a simple, minor repair to a completely new roof, so be prepared! Take time to research roofing products and contractors.

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